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Pilates prénatal sur tapis

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  • Marque : Stott Pilates
About the DVD Minimize discomfort and increase strength during pregnancy with the Prenatal Pilates on the Mat workout! The versatility of Pilates makes it a great and effective workout during pregnancy. Master Instructor Trainer PJ O’Clair will help you maintain strong abdominal, back, and pelvic floor muscles to assist in a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery. This workout will help keep you strong and your energy levels high, while enhancing your muscle tone and maintaining a healthy body weight. LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY : Level 1 of 5 EQUIPMENT REQUIRED : Exercise Mat SOUNDTRACK LANGUAGES : English, Français. DVD Contents 30 exercises Workout Time - 32 min DVD Length - 66 min Chapters WARM UP: Breathing, Flex Forward, Breathing into Flexion Extension, Pelvic Floor Engagement, Imprint Release, Protraction Retraction, Cat Stretch, Spinal Rotation, Elevation Depression, Head Nods EXERCISES: Spine Twist, Saw, Resting on Elbows: Hip Release, Resting on Elbows: Bend Stretch, Lower Lift, Leg Circles, Hip Rolls, Leg Lifts, Side-Lying, Side Kicks, Side Leg Lift Series, Side Bend Prep, Twist, Squats, Leg Pull Front Prep, Swimming Prep, Push-Up, Lunge Forward Thigh Stretch, Mermaid Stretch, Rotation with Port de Bras, Arm Circles Seated Bonus Features Review the STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles 5-minute bonus workout Work out with music only Preview other video titles Meet the instructors Check out STOTT PILATES equipment Learn about instructor training Key Benefits Stay physically active, strong and energized during pregnancy Exercise in comfortable positions Strengthen the abs to help speed up post-natal recovery* Enhance muscle tone and lengthen tight muscles Maintain a healthy weight * Please consult your doctor before starting an exercise routine.